About us

Our famous Taystee Beef Jerky is the perfect fuel to keep you going.


Taystee is a modern day Meat snack brand birthed in 2020 that still maintains the yumminess of the traditional Nigerian Beef jerky (kilishi).

The idea of Taystee was conceived from a deep and true affection for good meat, hence, good meat snacks.

Sometime in the year 2019 while our young founder who, in school came up with the full life plan of Taystee Foods(at the time known as Taystee crave Taystee Empire).

In 2020, while Nigeria battled a terrible economic depression as well as a major lockdown due to the plague.

The dream of a proper meat snack brand seemed far but was kept alive by our founder.

The moment the vaccine was spread across the nation and there was a bit of relief and the country was able to curb the disease, in the latter months of the year 2020, our founder seized the moment and was able to make hasty steps to bring the dream to life.
Our brand has been able to withstand the blow on the country’s economy, which in turn affected and still is affecting small and medium enterprises(SMEs), the after effects of the plague, the stigma that the European Meat Ban brought upon the business sector, and so much more.
Taystee has and is still been spread across the nation and hopes to spread it’s lengths further across the seas to bring the joy of a healthy and yummy meat snack recipe to everyone.

Now, know that whenever you rip open a bag of Taystee foods meat snacks, you get a taste of the Nigerian tradition: a Nigerian-owned business that grew from hard work, high-quality products, a sense of community, love for proper meat snacks and a little fun.

That’s the recipe that has put us on the map. That’s the recipe that drives us today. With our dream and special recipe we hope to reach out to the world.

we give you the best

Our Beef Jerky is both Tasty and healthy, it is also portable which makes it an on the go snack which you can consume anywhere at anytime.